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Lacing Up Right

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When you get a new pair of running shoes, they’re usually already laced up for you, so of course, you just pull it tight and get right to it. Well, that’s all fine and dandy if you’re not experiencing any pain, but if you are, we’ve got tips and solutions.

If there’s pressure over the top of your foot, locate exactly where it hurts and do the following: Undo your laces completely, re-lace them to right before the trouble spot, taking the lace through the topside of the eyelet and pulling it up through the next eyelet on the same side. Then, continue to lace them up as usual. You should have an empty spot on the tongue with no laces across it, which should eliminate the pressure.

If there’s pressure on your big toe, it gets a little complicated. Thread one end of the lace through the eyelet next to your big toe and pull the end of that lace up to the lace eyelet on the opposite side. With all the lace that’s left, shoot it through the eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe, then up and inside of the eyelet on the big toe side, working your way up to the top. Once you’re laced up, pull the strings and the shoe’s upper above your big toe up and off your nail.

If your shoe’s too tight toward the top of your foot, here’s the solution for that. Come from underneath the eyelet and shoot your laces through the first two eyelets one the big-toe side of the tongue. Bring both ends straight across the top of the shoe to the eyelets on the other side, then advance them to the next two open eyelets on that side. Lace them all the way up and you’re done. This solution works best with an odd amount of eyelets.

If your toes are cramped and things are too tight in front, this solution’s going to require an extra set of laces. This one is simple, lace them up halfway with one set of laces, a little loosely in the front and tie that up. Then lace up the rest of the eyelets with the extra set of laces, this time a little tighter. It’ll look a little weird, but it’ll work like a charm.

If your heels are sliding from the front to the back and side to side, you need lockdown support. This trick a simple one that doesn’t require any extra laces or too much undoing. With this, you’ll lace as normal until only one eyelet remains on each side, then draw your laces straight up on the outside of the shoe and bring it through the last eyelet, creating a loop. Then cross both ends of your laces over the tongue and thread it through the opposite side’s loop and tie it up as usual.

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