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Finish Line Youth Foundation Holiday Drive Raises $1.45 Million

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The annual Finish Line Youth Foundation Holiday Drive was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who took time out during the mad rush of the holiday season to donate to the drive.

Youth Foundation supporters helped to raise $1.45 million during the drive, which lasted throughout the months of November and December. Online and in-store donations really added up, giving the Foundation much-needed funds for the coming year. The top fundraising states, cities and regions include Southern Los Angeles, East Coast Florida, Minnesota, Western New York, Pittsburgh, Dallas/West Texas, Detroit, Dallas/Oklahoma, West Coast Florida and Columbus. Great job!

What does all of this money go towards? All the proceeds from the drive will benefit the many active youth organizations that the Foundation supports through grants and sponsorships, in addition to initiatives of the Special Olympics. The generous donations that the Foundation received will be put to good use this year, helping thousands of kids to get more active and achieve their dreams!

If you didn’t get a chance to donate during the Holiday Drive, don’t worry. You can make a donation to the Youth Foundation anytime of the year. Simply visit the Youth Foundation page or donate at your local Finish Line store.