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Yurbuds: Twist Lock Technology

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If you’re an athlete that enjoys listening to music, you know exactly how it feels to keep having to adjust your headphones during your workout. It can be one of the most distracting things, and often times even defer you from trying to listen to your music at all. Well, thanks to Yurbuds new TwistLock technology, you will be able to workout to your full potential with no distractions, and not have to sacrifice your music as well.

Yurbuds TwistLock technology creates a secure fit. The soft and flexible ear loop that the Yurbuds Focus Headphones have make sure they don’t move and cause distraction while offering flexibility, and the Yurbuds Inspire Earphones have a specific articulated ear piece shape that is guaranteed to never fall out. Whether you are running, playing basketball, riding a bike, or even head-banging to your favorite Nine Inch Nails album, Yurbuds with TwistLock will stay put in your ear where they belong. Not only do the headphones offer superior security, they are also highly comfortable as well. They consist of an ergonomically designed flexible silicone, which will not hurt your ears after hours of wear like other earbuds do.

So watch the video above to see just how amazing the TwistLock technology is, and pick up a pair of Yurbuds for yourself at FinishLine.com.