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Sof Sole Inserts

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Some shoes are obviously more comfortable than others, and just because you may like the looks of a shoe, it does not necessarily guarantee that they are going to be comfortable. So what do you with that dope pair of kicks that you can’t stand standing in all day? A nice pair of insoles will do the trick.

Luckily, Sof Sole has created a variety of insoles for various foot types that will add comfort to any shoe. The Sof Sole Fit line caters to different foot types, consisting of three models that have distinctive technical aspects. The Sof Sole Low Arch Insoles are designed specifically for people with flat feet. They have a 2.8cm arch height, and are ideal for people with this type of feet. Consisting of a slightly higher arch of 3.0cm, the Sof Sole Neutral Arch Insoles are perfect for people with relatively normal arches. For those with high arches, the Sof Sole High Arch Insoles are the ones for you with an arch of 3.3cm. Each one of these insoles is specifically designed for the natural motion of the foot, and consists of an Anatomical Nylon Plate for added stability while still maintaining flexibility.

So if you need a little added comfort for you favorite pair of kicks, or even your workout shoes, try one of the Sof Sole Arch Insoles that are specially designed for your foot type.