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Fashion Over Function

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Retro basketball sneakers are back from the 80s, but if you’re thinking about breaking them in by taking to the court with them laced up, think again. While their original purpose may have been for use on the hardwood, the technology being implemented in new performance basketball sneakers puts those classics from 30 years ago to shame.

Such is the case for the Nike Dunk. Released in 1985, the Dunk was the benchmark and predecessor for a large number of basketball sneakers in the past. In case you were wondering whether the Air Jordan I looked familiar, that’s because it’s almost a direct carbon copy of the Nike Dunk High.

Although the Dunk High is no longer a go-to option for hitting the court, it’s been one of the forerunners in making the transition as an off the court staple. In fact, besides the Air Force One, it’s undoubtedly one of Nike’s top selling shoes of all-time, being released in innumerable colorways while utilizing unique materials.

The beauty of the Nike Dunk High lies in its versatility and simplicity. Despite being a hi-top sneaker, the decision to wear them with pants or shorts isn’t an easy one as the shoe does amazingly well in either situation. High socks or low socks, whatever your taste, you can’t go wrong.

The Nike Dunk High‘s days in the gym might be over, but they’ve found a new home pretty much everywhere else. If you’re an avid shoe person, you can’t be without a pair of these, and if you’re just getting into the shoe realm, the Dunk High is a good starting point. With the colorway selection available at FinishLine.com, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste and style.