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App Spotlight: Nike Training Club

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Nike’s always been all about athletics, but with their Nike+ technology, they’ve gotten their feet wet in the fitness realm. Initially their sport pack dealt with returning information back to the athlete regarding their performance, but this time around they’re kicking it up a notch. If you’ve been looking for a personal trainer to aid in your fitness goals, Nike’s made an app for that.

It’s called the Nike Training Club app. Nike touts it as giving you “your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere”. The good thing about this app is you don’t get charged every time you use it. In fact, you don’t even have to pay for it, but it’s very capable of charging you up for your workout.

Want to get lean? They’ve got an option for that. Aiming to get toned? There’s an option for that as well. It’s even got built-in specialized workouts that teach you how to focus and target problem areas on your body. Also engrained into the app is a point/reward system that also tracks your progress and workout intensity. When certain levels are reached, you’re given invigorating titles like “Chosen One” and “Conqueror”.

Check it out at the App Store or Google Play, and download it to get started on that resolution.