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Types of Training: Elliptical

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We all know that strength training and running are good ways to stay in shape, but the downsides to these exercises are that they are very strenuous on the body. However, there is a type of training out there that improves your fitness and does not cause harmful impact to your muscles and joints. Elliptical training, which involves a bicycle or different type of elliptical machine, helps you burn calories and strengthen muscles but without adding stress to your back, hips, and knees.

The first thing to remember when doing elliptical training is to make sure that you have a good posture. You want to ensure that your shoulders are back, your back is straight, your head is upright, and your stomach muscles are tightened. Once your posture is ready, you can start engaging in elliptical exercises. There are a variety of elliptical exercise machines that simulate climbing, running, or riding a bicycle. Many elliptical machines also have handles that allow you to work out your upper body as well as your lower.

So next time you head to the gym, ask your trainer about elliptical exercises. They are particularly beneficial to people who have recently sustained injuries, or people who do not have the physical capabilities of more strenuous exercises.