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Redesigned ASICS GT-2000

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For the running gurus over at ASICS, going back to the drawing board is a must. So it’s no surprise that they have done so with the GT-2170. This go-round, they’ve reversed the hands of time, renamed the line the GT-2000, and improved upon it even more. Read on for more details on what they have planned.

Functionally, the GT-2000 is built for moderate stability. Seeing as roughly 80% of runners overpronate, they’ve made reasonable accommodation for you. If you’re wondering how, they’ve added a Dynamic DuoMax foam to the midsole for motion control.

Regarding fit, the GT-2000 actually fits like one of its predecessors, the GT-2100, which isn’t a bad thing seeing as the latter has been regarded as one of the best runners ever made. You’ll find that the new GT-2000 fits like a glove for your foot and they’ve added memory foam to the heel just in case you forget to take your shoes off.

How do they feel? Well, ASICS are known for their plushness, and the GT-2000 doesn’t disappoint in this department. For those with a heavy heelstrike, there’s ample cushioning in the rear part of the midsole. The gel pods near the middle of the midsole are incorporated for those with a more midfoot-strike.

It’s hard to capitalize and build upon one of the best, but ASICS seems to have done so with the GT-2000. Be on the lookout for their release later this month.