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On a Run with Brooks PureFlow 2

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The Brooks PureProject…just when you think it can’t get any better, it does.  Brooks has finally unveiled the update to its’ widely popular line of minimal footwear.  Now lighter weight, better fitting, and more responsive, these models were made to support a variety of runners.  If you’re looking to obtain a more natural stride from minimal footwear, but afraid you might lose the cushioning your legs crave…don’t fret, find it all in The Brooks Pure Flow 2!

And find it, I did.  After first laying eyes on this brand new pair of PureFlow’s, I could hardly contain my excitement to take them out for a test drive.  It was time to see how this light, sleek, hot pink pair performed on the streets of Boulder!

I immediately noticed the lightweight, responsive cushioning.  From forefoot to heel, there wasn’t a spot on my foot asking for more.  The outsole seemed pretty structured and flat at first, but this platform design drove me to a very mid-foot strike, which was much appreciated!  The upper has also been redesigned and is better than ever.  Complete with asymmetrical lacing and elastic arch wrap, the new upper took pressure off the top of my foot, while providing a glove-like and very secure fit.

As my miles increased, the performance of the shoes never let me down.  Other minimal footwear has left my legs feeling tired and dead, but the cushioning in these kept me feeling fast and fresh.  I would definitely recommend them for runners of all levels…from a beginner looking to transition into natural form or a seasoned veteran seeking a minimal style made to withstand high mileage, The Brooks PureFlow 2 is a shoe made to meet the challenge!