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On a Run with Brooks PureCadence 2

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Brooks has taken on quite a task updating the PureProject line of shoes. Knowing that the predecessor was extremely successful receiving the highest praise from runners everywhere, I was eager to get my hands on the Brooks PureCadence 2 for a run.

I was curious if this shoe could perform as well as its predecessor. Living in Boulder, CO, us runners here tend to ask a lot from a shoe. It’s not good enough to be great in one aspect, instead, it has to excel at everything.  A shoe that only does well on pavement or is just for the trails doesn’t really cut it. On a ten mile run it has to have the ability to handle every kind of terrain, and with that, every weather condition.

The issue that tends to exist with lightweight flexible shoe comes from what has been sacrificed to achieve such features. When you hit the later stages of a run with a minimalist shoe, your legs are feeling it.  What sets PureProject shoes apart from other models in its category is the ability to take on a variety of challenges from the casual easy run to a hard push up a mountain trail.

Now that we’ve discussed how versatile this shoe can be, we can move on to the fit. Designed with an anatomical last, the shoe’s shape contours to the foot for a glove-like feel and provide support for every part of the foot. The fit is augmented by the Nav Band – a flexible band that wraps over the instep to comfortably secure the foot in place. Additionally, the lack of overlays on the shoe’s upper creates a better overall fit by eliminating spots that could potentially rub giving you blisters.

Brooks took the already successful PureProject line and built upon it. There is no doubt this generation will garner many of the same accolades and praise as the first. If you are in the market for a new pair of running shoes, have a look at models within the new PureProject line. The PureCadence 2 and PureFlow 2 cater well to a runner looking to transition to a lighter and more flexible shoe. Due to the lightweight construction of the shoe however, it will breakdown a little bit faster getting you roughly between 250 and 300 miles per pair.  But if a lightweight and flexible shoe is what you crave, it will absolutely be worth having to replace your shoes a bit more often.