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Best Places To Run In/Near LA

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You never really need a reason to take a trip to Los Angeles. With so much to do there, you really just fly out and find things to do. So, should you run into a little downtime, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for a run. Here, we give you a few places to jog through to get the most out of your trip.

Runyon Canyon Park: The city of angels is also the city of celebs, and Runyon Canyon Park is a good place to possibly run into a few. It’s not the easiest trail to traverse, but with a vantage point overlooking the city, you might be inclined to tough it out.

Dockweiler Beach: It never rains in Southern California and the winters are never too unbearable, so make sure you check out the beach while you’re there. The good thing about heading over to Dockweiler is that it’s pretty much a ghost town compared to the other LA beaches, but you still get the Cali coastal feel.

Venice Beach: This is definitely becoming more and more of a tourist destination and for good reason. Everything you’ve heard about Venice Beach is true, and that’s an understatement. All in all, it’s a great place to run and an awesome people-watching spot. One word of advice, watch out for the bums.

With all that running around, you might need to pick up a pair of shoes to do it in, or maybe even just something comfortable if you plan to go at a slower pace and just walk it out. Either way, we have it all at FinishLine.com.