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Best Places to Run In/Near Austin

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The great state of Texas is great for a lot of reasons that we’re sure a native Texan wouldn’t mind divulging at the drop of a ten-gallon hat. While Houston, Dallas and San Antonio get their fair share of publicity and exposure, everyone knows the hidden gem lies within the city limits of Texas’s capital. For the active athlete, Austin is the place to be, and we have the top places to check out for a good run when you’re there.

Google Maps will tell you it’s the “Lady Bird Lake Trail“, but if you’re talking to a local, ask for “Town Lake”. For this trail, the name gives it away, with it being situated alongside a 5-mile stretch of the lake shore. With downtown Austin on one side, the Hill Country on the other, and the cool breeze from the lake keeping you from overheating, the view and total experience in unmatched.

If you happen to wander off the path of the Lady Bird Lake Trail, you might run into the Barton Creek Greenbelt entrance at Zilker Park. This trail is one of those “still in the city getaways”. Located not even three miles from the city center, you can become one with nature, without having to travel too far. Be careful though, this one extends 8 miles away from town, and being in Texas, you might run into a wild Texas-sized animal.

We might have said that the Lady Bird Lake Trail had an unmatched view, but Austin’s Mount Bonnell is a contender for best view in Austin. It’s called “Mount” for a reason, so you know what to expect. It won’t be easy, but the end result will be easy on the eyes. We advise planning to reach the summit right before dusk, to rest up and enjoy the sunset on the adjacent lake.

If you’re feeling touristy, Downtown Austin is a good place to go for a run. Austin is the liberal oasis in conservative Texas, so if you’re looking to sight-see and people-watch, this is definitely the place to do it. One thing you have to do is run right down the middle of it all on Congress Avenue, as it leads right up the picturesque Capitol Building.