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Rock the New Year

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No matter how old you are, you can amp up your workout routine this year. There are a number of programs designed to keep you interested and motivated for more than just a few days or even a week. You don’t just have to hit the treadmill or the exercise bike to burn some calories. Try a fun and challenging change of pace to keep your mind and body in shape.

One of the most popular fitness trends this season is CrossFit. If you’ve never heard of this workout, think of it as a series of high intensity moves designed to keep you on your toes and in tip-top shape. The CrossFit program is certainly challenging, but you’ll be working so many different parts of your body at such a quick pace, it’s easy to overlook how hard you’re actually working. From lunges to squats to lifts, you’ll tone up and firm up thanks to this highly motivating workout program.

Another fitness option that’s gaining new life this year is Zumba. Perhaps you’ve already checked out a class filled with Latin beats and swivel hips, but many are taking on new meaning and adding new calorie-burning elements. Some workout instructors are even offering Zumba cruises to keep people in shape even when out of their normal routine. Zumba classes are a great way to spice up your normal workout schedule and keep you moving and sweating throughout the month.

Another non-conventional workout method picking up steam in 2013 is Barre. This program uses the movements and exercises of ballerinas and re-purposes them for a new audience. Want a flatter stomach and toned thighs? Check out some at-home Barre workouts or head to a local class. You will gain more control and flexibility while challenging your body to work smaller muscle groups to get fit.

It’s not just a matter of sticking to the same old routine to stay in shape this year. Mix up your movements and your workout schedule to keep motivated. By trying a new class, you could reignite your fire or find a new passion. Challenge yourself to try something new this week. It could change your fitness life for the better.