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Live it Up

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It’s easy to get a case of the workout blues come winter. Maybe you’re stuck in overast doom and gloom or an icy frozen tundra, but there are plenty of ways to break out of the rut. Try a new program or routine to keep you motivated through May.

One of the most popular workouts right now is inspired by ballet. It’s called the Barre program and it will help lift, lengthen and define your body. It works small supportive muscles throughout your frame to help you tone up. All you need is a ballet Barre (you can find them pretty easily now at a fitness or sporting goods store) and the motivation to complete some of these workouts. What’s even better is you can either find a class at the gym or complete some DVD at-home workouts for this program as well. This popular fitness routine is a great way to infuse some new life into your workout routine and define your body at the same time.

It’s also a good idea to monitor your diet during the winter months to help boost your workout potential. When the weather is cold, it’s easy to fill up on comfort foods. The problem is that those choices almost always mean more calories. Choose smaller portions if you are going to indulge.

Another great tip for beating the winter blues is to get involved in winter activities where you live. Close to the ski hill? Take some lessons and you might pick up a fun and active hobby that will help keep you in shape.