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Ford’s new Mustang, Chevy’s new Camaro, and Dodge’s new Charger all share things in common. They all took design inspirations from classic models of these cars from the ’60s, but they feature all of the new school benefits and technologies that make them up to date performance-wise. This is the same approach Nike is using with many of their iconic shoe models, updating them with new technologies to make them higher performing and on par with the new school design features. Keep reading to find out just exactly what Nike is doing, and how they are making great classic models even better.

Nike’s all new Lunar Force 1 has the same silhouette as the iconic Air Force 1, but performance upgrades to the shoe has made them more comfortable and an all-around higher performing shoe. They scrapped the once heavier rubber midsole with a much ligher Lunarlon midsole, decreasing the shoe’s weight by nearly 7 ounces. Not only are they lighter, but also more comfortable as well thanks to the Lunarlon cushioning and nearly seamless Hyperfuse upper. The LF1 has the same classic look as the AF1, but is an all around more comfortable and up to date shoe than the 1982 model.

Like the LF1, Nike took the best of the best classic Air Max models and gave them a performance enhanced update as well. The Air Max 1 EM, Air Max 90 EM, Air Max 95 EM, and the Air Max 97 EM all have the same classic shape and look as the original Air Max’s do, but they feature a premium Engineered Mesh upper that increases the shoes functionality tenfold. Engineered Mesh consists of tighter constructed patterns over areas where the foot needs more stability, and looser constructed patterns on areas where breathability is key. The results are classic looking shoes that are more flexible, breathable, and overall more comfortable than the originals.

Engineered Mesh aren’t the only performance updates that classic Air Max models are receiving, Nike is also throwing new soles on some of them as well. The Nike Air Max 95 360 has the same upper as the picturesque Air Max 95, but they threw on a 360 Air Max sole to make them incredibly more comfortable. The full length 360 sole increases the shoes cushioning while making them more absorbent to high impacts, creating an all around more comfortable version of the classic runner.

In this day and age, it becomes increasingly hard to give the people what they want. You have the old heads who never shy away from the classic models, but you also have the new heads who are always looking for more. Nike clearly has a keen understanding of both of these demographics, and have created shoes to cater to all. Old school, but at the same time new tech, these shoes are truly remarkable sneaker creations inspired by some of the best models of all time.