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Creative Recreation’s Cold Weather Remedy

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As temperatures continue to drop below freezing — causing widespread panic amongst  Los Angelenos — it serves as a constant reminder that we’re in the dead of January.  However, we shouldn’t let the weather keep us from dreaming about spring.

Lifestyle footwear powerhouse Creative Recreation has the perfect remedy for the winter blues.  Dedicated to helping us maintain our sense of swag by providing the perfect blend of fashion, street wear, and athleticism, the brand is famous for their edgy seasonal collection shoots.  If you haven’t taken the time to watch, you should. Their concepts range from house parties to a strip poker on a boat.

This spring the brand is featuring the new Cota, a mid-top sneaker featuring a padded molded collar, a pronounced 3D logo on the tongue and accented by CR’s signature front panel strapping. The shoe will be released in six colors.

We recently caught up with Creative Recreation to discuss the release of the COTA, as well as their concept behind the Spring Collection shoot.

Finish Line: What is the main inspiration behind the Cota? 

Creative Recreation: The main inspiration behind the Cota was the mixing of casual streetwear and luxury fashion championed by groups like the ASAP movement.  They are part of a mainstream group leading the way by showing new interpretations of street fashion.  Along with the whole world, we took notice and wanted to create a shoe that towed the line of luxury and street.

What’s the brand’s vision on how the Cota will be worn? 

It’s not supposed to be worn.  It is supposed to be rocked, hard! It has multiple looks.  Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to personalize the look.

The spring shoot was shot on location at Leo Carrillo in Malibu. What is it about that location that screams creative recreation? 

On the right swell is one of LA county’s best waves, and if you’re not a surfer, it’s a place that can seal the deal.  If you know what we mean.  😉  How much more Creative Recreation can you get? Keep it on the low though.  Surf culture doesn’t allow you to expose their spots like that….Our bad!

Creative Recreation  campaign videos all have a unique concepts shot in beautiful locations. Whether it’s a house party or strip poker on a boat, what can we expect next? 

You’ll have to keep up because it just keeps getting better.  Coming soon!