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Who Wore That? Nike Air Flight One

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Alright class, today we’re taking things back to almost 20 years ago to 1994. Yeah, you might have been around, but you have no idea what was going on in the sneaker world at that time. Nike was all over the place, going Uptempo, coming with Force and taking Flight. Oh yeah, you’ll need a pen and pad for this.

Lesson One: Today, we’ll be going over the Nike Air Flight One. Not the first shoe in the flight series, but Nike wanted to restart things on the right foot, with a shoe that possessed some shock value and came with it in terms of performance. It’s called the “Flight” for a reason, so Nike got rid of the visible Max Air unit, lightened the load, so whatever superstar athlete put them on, they’d be able to take flight with ease.

Lesson Two: With players like Michael Jordan in the NBA at the time, the league was becoming more and more of a guard’s haven. So, to match the evolution in the game, Nike stepped up with Air Flight One. To showcase and debut the sneaker, Nike chose Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, fresh off of a strong rookie campaign, where he posted stellar number, Penny was a coast-to-coast baller with the ability to rise up above the rim if need be.

Lesson Three: This is an important sneaker for the sole reason that it set the stage for shoes to come after it. As the unofficial shoe of Penny Hardaway, he took the shoes and ran with them, scoring 21 points per game, dishing out assists on a nightly basis and being selected to the All-NBA First Team. With those numbers and accolades in the books, Nike pulled the trigger on an official signature sneaker line for Penny which equated to five signature shoes that have become icons in the sneaker game.

And there you have it. Penny wore it, made it hot, and paved the way. Any questions? Class dismissed.