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Preview: Magic show in Las Vegas

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The Magic Marketplace is one of the largest fashion tradeshows in the country, taking place every February and August. Pretty much every major brand, vendor, and fashion enthusiasts participate in the three day long event held in the exciting city of Las Vegas. There are many categories of fashion displayed in the show including designer, contemporary, casual, streetwear, and sporting wear, just to name a few. The upcoming Magic show is from February 19th through the 21st, and with it being just around the corner it’s a good time to run down what we can expect to see this time around.

One thing that we can definitely expect to see a lot of in the upcoming Magic show is more stripes than a zebra. Not stripes as in animal print though, but more like those polos or tees you used to rock in the first grade with the multi colored horizontal stripes. Whether they are fat stripes or skinny stripes, doesn’t really matter, two to three toned colored striped shirts are going to be a hot item in 2013.

As far as pants are concerned, denims will still be in, but cotton twill will be even more in. Although the classic khaki colored cotton twills will probably never go out of style, expect to see a lot more pastel colored twills worn on the lower section. Subtle patterns such as polka dots or all over flower prints will make a splash on the cotton twills as well, making more of a statement than pants typically have in the past.

Last but certainly not least, what style shoes can we expect to see in this upcoming show? Minimalist mixed with canvas will be all the rage in 2013, so look out for major brands pushing these shoes hard at Magic. Despite the area of sport performance, men’s casual shoes will have low cut and minimal uppers sitting on top of basic and classic midsoles. Fewer frills will be the trend for casual shoes this year, and shoes will be worn to bring outfits together rather than being the statement piece themselves.