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David Beckham: Fashion Icon

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While some of us spend an hour or even more every morning to try and make sure that we are looking our best, there’s always those other people out there that look like they just wake up looking excellent. You know those types of people, the ones that don’t even have to try. Even after an hour long workout at the gym, they still look like they’d be ready for a date with their gal at a five star restaurant after a quick change of clothes, no shower. They simply look just well put together.

Whether he is on the field battling it out in a hard fought soccer match, or walking the red carpet at the Espy awards, David Beckham is one of those guys. The man just has a certain style about him, and no matter what he is doing, anytime a paparazzi snaps a picture, it looks like he just might be doing a photo shoot. Even though Mr. Beckham is naturally a looker, it’s not just from the genes his parents gave him that keeps him looking sharp on any occasion. He just seems to have a way of putting himself together, and in this article, we will break down the different dimensions of David’s dapperness.

Whenever David Bechkam is spotted on weekend outings, his casual style is very minimalist and clean. You’d be hard pressed to find the man in something with loud graphics, or really bright colors. Simple plain tee’s, monotoned denims or twills, and a classic pair of Adidas sneakers, such as some Gazelles or Superstars do the trick. If it’s cold outside, you’ll see him in a few extra pieces, perhaps a denim or field jacket, and even a loose fitting beanie.

For those special occasions, award ceremonies, red carpet events, or formal dinners with his lovely wife Victoria, Mr. Beckham always has on the finest of fine tailored suits. The majority of the time, he dresses in dark colored suits, maybe black or charcoal grey, coupled with a white dress shirt. An all black tie is his go to, but every once in a while you will catch him in one with a little more color, and perhaps even a pocket square to match. He doesn’t try to look too flashy, and he always looks super clean and well put together.

So no matter the occasion, David Beckham is always looking his best. Flashy pieces that would make one stand out in any crowd is not his style, and he stands out more than others nevertheless. If you could find one word to describe his style, it would have to be none other than smooth. He has a fine tuned understanding that sometimes, if not all the time, less is more.