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Who Ya Got? Indiana or Duke

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The college basketball season is in full swing, so let the speculation begin. A lot of the excitement in the highest level of the amateur ranks in concentrated on the start of the season and towards the end going into March Madness. The latter is still a ways off, so we’re taking a look at two teams that are off to a fast start and vying for the top spot.

The Indiana Hoosiers, led by Cody Zeller, began the season as the top-ranked team and they’ve managed to maintain that position with one-third of the season in the books. The Hoosiers have a history of being a perennially dominant squad, but it looks as though they finally have what it takes to get over the hump and post a solid record for the season.

Although Duke started the season ranked #8 in the nation, they’ve gotten out to a fast start and rocketed to a position atop the rankings. It’s usually unwise to leave the Blue Devils out of the top five, and with some quality games in the books, they’ve proved that they belong among the elite, once again. Running and gunning under the tutelage of Coach Krzyzewski, the Blue Devils are always a sure bet to contend in the college basketball world.

Although the Indiana Hoosiers were blessed with the top spot to start the season, we have to side with the Duke Blue Devils as the #1 team in the nation, and they’ve proven time and time again that they’re the team to beat. With a veteran nucleus leading the charge and the most winningest coach at the helm, we reckon that this is Duke’s year.

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