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Best Places to Run In/Near Chicago

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Live in or around the Windy City? If so or if not and a trip to Chicago is in the cards, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to step out and tour the city on the run. To help you decide, we’ve found some places for you to check out that will show you what Chicago has to offer while you get a little winded in the Windy City.

There’s no question that Chicago is a big city with a big-city feel to match, so to get away from all of that, check out the North Branch Trail. Venture off the beaten path in this dense and peaceful forest preserve featuring wildlife that is more friendly and indifferent than wild.

If you’re interested in doing a little sightseeing and don’t mind a little hustle and bustle, check out unofficial trail dubbed “the Loop“. It’s definitely a tourist’s running route, taking you through the heart of downtown Chicago, and also taking along the scenic path, as it’s bordered by the Chicago River and the great Lake Michigan.

Next up is a short, but sweet route called the Bloomingdale Trail. Weaving through several of Chicago’s awesome neighborhoods and parks, it’s a nice and quiet rendezvous in the city. The best part about this trail is the fact that it’s situated above street level, making for an amazing view and amazing run that’s uninterrupted by traffic.

Given that the Chicago metropolitan area has over 28 miles of shoreline to offer, it’d probably be a good idea to take your run to the coast. The beach is usually an option that draws a crowd, but we’ve found one in the Foster Avenue Beach that’s a lot less crowded for ample running room. For an escape from the city, check out Foster Ave and catch some rays, a tan, and a workout.

For one last foray on the outskirts of Chicago, there’s the Morton Arboretum. Grab your GPS and head out west for this one. The good things about this option are almost endless. Parking is free, no trail is off-limits, and the rolling hills are truly a sight to behold.