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Do Knee Braces Really Work?

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There are knee pads and there are knee braces. Both are used for preventative measures, but for totally different reasons. Where knee pads are to protect against impact, knee braces are built to protect you from serious injury, but the question is: Do knee braces really work? We answer that and give you some insight below.

There are three main kinds of knee braces: prophylactic braces, functional braces and rehabilitative braces.

First up is the prophylactic brace. As evidence by the name, they work to prevent injury, mostly for contact sports. For obvious reasons, you’ll most like see football players wearing these bulky things.

Then there’s the functional brace. These give you support you need if you have injured your knee in the past and you just want to remain cautious to fend off any possible future injury.

Lastly is the rehabilitative brace. This is another clunky brace, because it works to limit harmful knee movement when a knee is healing after an injury or surgery.

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