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Top 5 KD V’s

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It’s the fifth time around for Kevin Durant and his signature sneaker line, and both he and Nike continue to bring the heat as expected. Crazy sneaker colorways have been all the rage as of late, so the designers over at the Swoosh have taken the liberty of tricking out the Nike KD V, with special color treatments. With that being said, we give you the top five KD V colorways to drop so far.

“Away”: Nike started things off right with the first colorway to be released for the KD V in the “Away” color combination. Sporting a predominantly all-black upper, you’ll find photo-blue and team-orange accents throughout the shoe to complement the Oklahoma City Thunder road uniforms.

“Black Pack”: You can’t go too wrong with a black sneaker, so Nike took the liberty and opportunity to release a whole pack of black kicks, dubbed the KD V “Black Pack”. This time, the black upper has a slightly shiny finish, with color options of “Blue Glow”, “Total Orange”, “Electric Green” and “Bright Crimson” filling in the midsole, outsole and accents.

“Energy”: With its formal name being the “Energy” and its nickname being “Splatter”, there’s much to expect from this colorway. Nike keeps it cool though by letting the sport grey upper handle things and throwing the splatter inside the shoe for the lining and adding some splash to the Swooshes.

“DMV”: With Kevin Durant being from the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, it’s good to see Nike acknowledge that fact, and decide to pay homage to the city that made KD. With this colorway, Nike drew inspiration from none-other than DC’s-own St. Pleasant Mumbo sauce. Draping the upper in a distinct red-orange hue, Nike finished out the shoe with the neutral wolf grey midsole, and their new “Volt” color for the outsole.

Christmas”: It’s easy to go red or green for a Christmas-themed sneaker, so Nike went against the grain for their KD V “Christmas” colorway. With waves of a digital camouflage pattern on the upper, Nike took the “ugly sweater” approach with a predominantly blue upper and challenge red on the tongue to fall in line with the OKC Thunder uniforms.