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If a Shoe Fought Another Shoe–Running vs Trainer

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Last time, we took a hypothetical look at the epic battle between a high top and a low top sneaker. The fight was too close to call, and left us yearning for more carnage. This time around, we will see the running shoe square off with its red headed stepchild, the cross trainer. Let’s weigh the two in.

The running shoe has been around for decades, and each generation has been more evolved and advanced than the last. Its design has stayed true to its purpose, running, and because of this it has improved leaps and bounds over time. Today, the running shoe’s primary mode of attack is quick and agile, and no opponent comes close to rivaling the shoe in these categories. While the runner spends all its time on becoming lighter and quicker, it does not improve in the means of power and support.

Unlike the running shoe, the cross trainer is a relatively new breed to the shoe family, and was introduce in 1987 by Tinker Hatfield with the Air Trainer 1. This new breed was not designed for one single purpose, but instead to be a well rounded opponent on the basis of speed, stability, support, and power. Because of this, the cross trainer is not a master in any particular area, but its biggest strength perhaps is not having a clear-cut weakness.

Like the fight between the high top and the low top, this one was a close call. Overall, the cross trainer’s well balance skill set gives it an advantage over the special skilled runner. However, if the fight was scheduled in the runner’s hometown, the runner’s fine tuned skills could be enough to give it the edge against the trainer.