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Refuel After Your Workout: Spotlight on Protein Drinks

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After a hard workout, you need a little something to recharge and that usually equates to a protein shake to restore your muscles and such. Protein is protein, in a sense, but not all protein is the same. To dispel the confusion, we’ve done a little research as to what’s what in the protein scene. Read up for the rundown.


Whey protein comes straight from a cow’s milk, so if you’re intolerant to lactose, your stomach might’ve run into some trouble with Whey along the way. For those without such problems, and if you’re a beginner in the protein game, Whey is a good starting point seeing as it’s the least expensive protein option. Let it be noted that some people have found Whey to be harsher on the guts, causing feelings of built up gas and bloating.


Where Whey was from animals, Soy protein is plant-based with extra antioxidants built-in to protect cells and the body from diseases. For the most part, Soy is just as effective as Whey, with there being less side effects, with that resulting in a higher price point. Add in the presence of glutamine and arginine to help with recovery and to help dilate blood vessels and this is a righteous option if you’ve got the money.


Casein is an interesting alternative in that it’s similar to Whey, being from milk, but different as it’s a slow-digesting option. With this is mind, it works best as a “right before bed” meal replacement with a 5-7 hour time period for it to fully breakdown, keeping your body nourished even while you sleep. Casein protein can also be used during the day to keep hunger at bay and a constant supply of protein in your body.


Whey and Casein are both milk extracts, but then there’s Milk Protein Isolate. Comprised of 80% Casein and 20% Whey, MPI is the purest form of protein, and a good alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. Being pure, MPI is also easily digestible and works well as both an after workout protein solution and as a meal replacement.


Your last option is the best, but also the most pricey. The body absorbs it like crazy and it sports versatility being good for both before and after your workout. Being the gold standard of all protein powders, there’s no better option than Hydrolysate protein.