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Runners vs. Cross-Trainers

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Runners aren’t cross-trainers and vice versa, so the demands of each class of athlete vary. If you’re a runner, take a look at your shoes. If they are cross-training shoes, we’re sorry to say it, but you’re doing it wrong. No worries, we’re here with a quick guide comparing the two types of shoes and to guide you in making the correct shoe decision.

How do you know what a running shoe is? Well, for the most part, you can tell by the mid and outsole. As a runner, chances are, your heel hits the ground first, and your foot rolls until push off with your forefoot. In turn, the heel of the shoe must be firm and provide support in the form of added cushioning and also shock absorption. In order to aid forward propulsion, you’ll notice that the toe part of a running shoe is slightly lifted off of the ground to facilitate the responsiveness.

If you find yourself doing everything in your shoes, like running, jumping, and cross-training, chances are, you’ve got a pair of a cross-trainers on your feet. Cross-trainers are usually your all-purpose all-rounders that provide lateral support all over, and you’ll find that they are most appropriate for most physical activities.

Overall, if you’re running, grab a pair of running shoes that are specifically made for running. If you’re running and doing a plethora of other things in addition, get a pair of cross-trainers and running shoes to complement each other. If you’re in the market for either, check out our selection of cross trainers or running shoes FinishLine.com.