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Soccer Inspired Kicks

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The intertwining of sports and street fashion cultures is not a new phenomenon, but it is remarkable nonetheless. While most casual sneakers can attribute their popularity to basketball and skateboarding, there are a number of shoes that garnered their buzz from the most popular sport on the planet – soccer. Check out these kicks that have made the transition from the pitch to closets around the world.

A true timeless classic, the adidas Samba, exhibits an old school style that has been a staple among soccer enthusiasts. Originally developed as a practice sneaker, it instantly became a hit when it was introduced back in the ’60s. Fast-forward 50 years, and this model is still ever popular, thriving in its crossover from sport to street.

The Nike Street Gato is the epitome of the fusion between soccer and street culture. Draped in a natural leather upper for superior ball control, and full length cushioning throughout, this shoe is ready at the drop of a hat for that pickup soccer game should the opportunity arise.

A hybrid of sorts, the Puma Speed Cat actually draws inspiration from motorsport, featuring a tire-tread resembling outsole. Oddly enough, given the combination of the rugged, rubber bottom and its smooth, suede upper, it has become a staple for fútbol aficionados. So much so, that it’s rare to find a soccer fan without a pair of these in their closet.