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Pick the Best Boot

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Hang up your sneakers, it’s boots season. With a cold snap surely on its way, you don’t want to be caught with cold feet. We’ve got you covered with our top picks for bringing boots back.

If you own a pair of Levi’s, they’re probably denim. Well, Levi’s has now ventured into the boot world with their Sahara CT Twill Boot. If you know style and you want comfort, this is it.

Another brand better known for their clothing is Polo Ralph Lauren, but don’t turn a second guess their Burson Boot. Bring on the harsh weather, it’s nothing to this rugged, leather shoe. This is another stylish model to throw into the mix if boots are on your radar.

You can’t talk boots without mentioning the boot king, Timberland. The Timberland Classic 6″ Boot needs no introduction or explanation. They’ve been around the block and they aren’t going anywhere. Can’t go wrong with something that’s always been so right.