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Retro shoes have most definitely been at the forefront of sneaker fashion recently, and although the major brands have been giving us some great nostalgic products, there are still many shoes we would love to see make a comeback.

With the recent reissue of Allen Iverson’s signature shoes, The Question, and The Answer IV, we are yearning for more great basketball retros from Reebok. One shoe in particular that automatically pops into mind is the Reebok Shaqnosis. Who didn’t enjoy watching Shaq tear down backboards and turn grown men opponents into little boys while wearing these eye-catching sneakers? The hypnotizing black and white panels on the shoe can be spotted from a mile away, and there hasn’t been anything just quite like it since it was released in 1993. Speculation surrounds if the shoes even could be re-released since Shaq and Reebok are no longer under contract, but we would still love to see this shoe in a retro version, Shaq logo or no Shaq logo!