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Total Blackout: Behind the Inspiration

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The Nike Total Blackout Collection is the second Nike pack exclusive to Finish Line, and the design team took it one step further to make this the best offering yet. Inspired by the city at night, this pack incorporates different design elements that really make them stand out against other colorways of the same models.

The primarily black uppers of the shoes represent the night, and neon and bright colors are accented throughout the shoe to give them an extra pop, similar to all of the city lights against the darkness of the evening sky. Speckles on the midsole represent terrain activity, giving the shoes the look that they are made to wear and not just to shelve. The two-toned tech laces, similar to the ones on a boot or trail shoe, also give the Total Blackout Collection a tougher look.

Each shoe from the collection is tied together with materials, trims, and details that really sets this pack apart from others.