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How To Prepare for the Big Race

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If you marked your calendar for that big race day, you’ll realize that it’s just one day. Yet, the preparation leading up to race day far exceeds that.

As many times as you’ve heard this, it still holds true: Practice makes Perfect. If you’re expecting to show up on the day of the race without adequate preparation, may the force be with you. Adopt a challenging, yet consistent training regimen and the race will be like practice.

You are what you eat, and if it’s a pizza you eat on race day morning, a pizza you’ll be when the race starts. Load up on carbs before and after to stock up your energy source and replenish it afterwards. You should also remember that you want to maintain a healthy diet leading up to the race. The better you eat during your training, the more efficient and effective your training will be.

Rest Up. Feeling refreshed and de-stressed as you take your mark will make for a much more enjoyable run.

We advise taking the mind over matter approach. Chances are, if you think you can, you will. It’s also important to quell any anxiety, control your breathing and get into your zone.

Lastly, you need your tool of the trade, and in this case, it’s a good pair of running shoes. Ideally, you want to wear the same shoe you’ve been training in, so they’re broken-in and there are no surprises.

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