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The Heavy Consequences of Going Light

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It makes sense when choosing a running shoe to lean toward the lightweight solution, right? Wrong. Shedding excess poundage is great, but not at the cost of sacrificing essential components.

You can adapt to a little extra weight. Inadequate arch support? Not so much. You’re better off going with the shoe that aids to correct your under/over pronation. Your back will thank you later.

Then there’s the question of responsiveness. Are you getting as much out of your run as you should? Without particular features, your shoe may actually be causing you to overexert the wrong muscle groups.

Lastly, but ultimately the most important, is the comfort factor. Put plainly, the shoe taking the minimalist approach is most likely to veto all measures taken to promote comfortability. At the end of the day, this is a no-brainer; saving money and going barefoot would be a better option.