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Runner’s Handbook: What is Over Pronation?

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Pronation is the body’s natural way of absorbing the shock of the foot strike, starting on the outside heel and moving to a neutral point where the back spine of the shoe is perpendicular to the ground it sits on.“Over pronation” is when the foot rotates too far past the neutral point gait cycle and the foot collapses in. This misalignment if left untreated can lead to popular running injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciatis and IT band issues.

To prevent over pronation from occurring  it is important to a find shoe that has some corrective feature, most often seen as a medial post. A medial post is a firmer foam on the inside of the shoe that prevents the foot from over rotating in the foot strike. Because over pronation effects roughly 85% of runners, shoe companies offer plenty of options.

A couple suggestions for runners looking for a bit more support to alleviate the over pronation issues include the Nike Zoom Structure+ and Brooks Adrenaline. Both have been staples for over a decade that many runners have come to rely on. An additional option for runners preferring a Gel cushion, the ASICS GT 2000 series provide all the features necessary to aid with over pronation.