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Five Unusual Boot Situations

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The Timberland Classic 6″ Boot is a classic for two reasons. They’re everywhere and they just won’t go away. So, if you feel like you’ve just about seen it all, think again. Here’s five situations/times where you can utilize these timeless boots and still be fly.

1. Mowing the lawn: If it’s Saturday morning and you can’t find your yard shoes, you can always turn to your trusty Timb’s to step in and knock it out.

2. Riding a bike: Timberlands are a rugged shoe, and they’re good at what they do. Should you go for a ride on that old dodgy bike in the garage, lace up your boots as backup brakes.

3. Playing basketball: Not so great for an indoor gym, but amazing for outdoor courts. Stand ground and ball out on the blacktop.

4. Working out: The gym is a chaotic place, with weights being lifted, swung and dropped. No reason for you to break your foot and your no-nonsense boots will prevent that.

5. Swimming: Probably not the best idea, but you can’t find your swim shoes. Your Timb’s have never let you down before, and their rawhide leather is built to last.