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Picking the Right Running Jacket

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It’s cold out, but already you knew that. As chilly as it may be, wearing a bubble jacket for your run is just overdoing it. Take a lighter approach and let your body generate heat during your run. We’ve hand-picked the best jackets that will allow you to do just that.

North Face Torpedo (Women’s): Flattering feminine fit, while built to battle everything from strong winds to heavy rain.

North Face TKA80 (Women’s): Ventilated micro-fleece pullover predicated on breathability and warmth.

Colosseum Love Movement (Women’s): Technically-advanced jacket with the versatility to be worn from the gym to the grocery store to the classroom.

Nike Element Half Zip (Men’s): Specially designed to keep the conditions out and keep the heat in.

Nike Warm Pattern Windrunner (Men’s): Zips all the way up, keeping your body warm and your chin cozy.

adidas Techfit Fitted 1/4 Zip (Men’s): For casual and serious athletes alike, this one cuts through the wind, so the cold doesn’t slow you down.