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Lakers: Garbage Out, Garbage In

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Out with the old and underachieving, and in with the new and also underachieving. The Lakers pulled the plug on the Mike Brown Era, toyed around with the idea of luring Phil Jackson back, and finally settled on bringing Mike D’Antoni into the fold. Time will be the deciding factor on this decision by the Lakers’ front office, but check out why we don’t think this is a match made in Hollywood.

Not Quite There Yet: Mike D’Antoni has been known to field competitive teams, but his career has mostly been “almost-there-but-not-really”, and in LA, that’s just not good enough.

Mike Antoni: We left out the ‘D’ because that’s how Mike rolls. His negligence for emphasizing defense has long been his downfall, and frankly, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Personnel: Speaking of old dogs, that’s mainly what this “new” Lakers team is composed of. With D’Antoni’s offense being predicated on running the floor, we just don’t see his philosophy panning out.

He’s not Phil Jackson: Put plainly, it is what it is. There’s only one man that can corral the egos and personalities that reside on LA’s roster and that’s Phil. Don’t believe us? He’s only coached the two best players to ever play the game, and has more championship rings than fingers. You do the math.