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Top 5 Throwback Team Logos

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Retro is cool for a reason; it offers nostalgic thoughts and a break from the modern. Vintage team logos appeal as they bring back old memories whether we ourselves lived in that particular time period or not. Some of the most popular logos are worn not by those who lived the pastime but those who wish they had.

1.    Charlotte Hornets (1989-2002)

Although the relatively new team in Charlotte resembles the old one in more ways than one, they always had something that made every basketball fan proud. Their uniquely colored purple and turquoise logo, with the vicious looking hornet is highly sort after even though the Hornets have a new home. Only grandmamma would approve.

2.    Houston Oilers (1980-1996)

The Houston Oilers also switched homes and names but in the midst of wins or losses, they always found a way to make fans say “Luv Ya Blue”.

3.    New York Jets (1963- Present)

New York has always tried to overshadow their Giants. However, the only way to truly top a giant is on a Jet plane. The vintage Jets logo did just that, simple and green.

4.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976-1996)

Tampa Bay often known to struck fear in their opponents because of their defense but their Vintage logo shows the “Bruce the Buccaneer” as a bit less intimidating however creative.

5.    New York Knicks (1991-1992)

Originally known as the Knickerbockers. New York’s vintage logo was also simple but very straightforward. The Blue and Orange was and will always be a favorite.