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Cold Weather NCAA Apparel Gear to Stay Warm

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It’s the second half of the NCAA football season, and college teams are vying for position in the standings. As the race to bowl season is heating up, temps are starting to drop, but you can’t let that stop you from tailgating. With just a few additions to your wardrobe, you’ll be comfortable and focused on rooting for your team.

NCAA Hoodie: No zippers. No nonsense. This pullover is a must-have simply because it supports the home team, and keeps the warmth insulated. No questions asked.

NCAA Sweat Pants: Perfect complement to the NCAA Hoodie. Essential for every fan, you’ll be comfy while supporting the team.

NCAA Stryker Knit Hat: Can’t forget up top. Keep your head and ears warm and comfy, with your team support at an all-time high.