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Griffin and Westbrook Take Flight with Jordan

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The Jordan Brand is synonymous with greatness after all the brand is predicated around the planets best basketball player of all-time. Similar to his playing days, Jordan upholds the highest standard when looking for athletes to represent his Brand.

The newest additions to the roster Blake Griffin and Russel Westbrook join an already elite team of athletes but are arguably the best raw representation of what the brand stands for–excitement, explosiveness, and dominance. After all the Jordan logo is the Jumpman–can you think of any basketball players more athletic and more explosive than Griffin and Westbrook?

Griffin’s name has become associated with the word “highlight” as every time he steps on the court he produces some unreal play that makes the top ten plays. No other basketball player has his own special siren alert on SportCenter for his nightly monster dunks. Westbrook earns his living with his ability to drive to the basket. Griffin joins his Clippers teammate Chris Paul along with fellow NBA players Carmelo Anthony and Joe Johnson.

The cat was let out of the bag when Griffin sported the Jordan Super Fly’s on opening night against Memphis. Griffin is no stranger to endorsement deals evident by the fact that you can’t watch an NBA game without seeing him drive a KIA.

The Westbrook signing came before the season as he sported a different color of the Super Fly’s throughout the preseason.

If Jordan Brand is looking to establish a youth movement then Griffin and Westbrook are the perfect candidates to lead the way. The quality of advertising assets these two will produce in the near future is enough to satisfy any global marketing scheme.