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What Makes a Good Running Shoe?

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As natural as running is, if you’ve tried doing it barefoot, you know it’s not easy. Yet, on the other hand, implement too much technology, and the natural feel is gone. Whether you demand comfort, support or responsiveness, here are a few shoes that specialize in those areas while keeping a foot in the natural door.

With a proven track record, the 18th iteration of the Asics GEL-Kayanois lighter and better than ever. With Biomorphic Fit mesh stretched across the upper, superior comfort is this shoe’s forte.

Looking for support? The Brooks PureCadence implores you to look no further. A wide Nav Band is locked down to the medial strike pod, delivering superior arch support. While providing needed stability to runners that require it, the PureCadence follows through by emulating what a natural foot strike feels like.

For those of you that need a shoe that responds, the Mizuno Wave Prophecy is that shoe. Its full-length Infinity Wave is fine-tuned to work with you on your run, but the major component is the AP midsole that’s ultra-lightweight and responsive. Calling for a shoe that gives back? The Wave Prophecy answers that call.