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Carmelo Anthony: What’s In Your Bag

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Without a doubt, Carmelo Anthony is a superstar. Awesome as that made be, it requires a great deal of natural talent, and just a little extra to edge out the opposition. Check out what Carmelo keeps close by and on-deck to keep the competition at bay.

Power Grip – “Basketball is what I do. Mission Power Grip helps keep my hands dry and helps me make clutch shots.”

PowerCoco – “PowerCoco helps keeps me hydrated. It’s low in sugar and has great flavors. It’s the perfect drink to carry in my gym bag.”

Jordan Brand shoes – “Best shoes made by the best player that every played the game. My Jordan Melo M8 is a must-have item in my bag.”

Jordan headband – “I need my Jordan headbands to match my Jordan sneakers. It’s part of the uniform.”

Phiten Titanium Air bracelet – “A titanium infused bracelet that looks good on my wrist. Why not throw it in my gym bag?”