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Who Has the Best Signature Shoe This Season?

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Determining who’s the best NBA player is debatable. Comparing the aesthetics of the top signature shoes would be heavily opinionated. Coming to a conclusion on which shoe is technologically better? That’s doable.

With several shoes to choose from we took a quick look at the top signature shoes of the NBA’s hottest players and ranked them from one to three, best to not so good.

Coming in third is the Jordan Melo M8 worn by none other than New York Knick, Carmelo Anthony. It’s the most affordable of the bunch, but focuses mainly on support, opting to leave out technology to lighten the load.

Second place goes to the LeBron X+. Providing responsive cushioning and stellar support, it was barely edged out by our choice for the top spot.

The highest honors is awarded to the injured Derrick Rose and his adidas Rose 3.0’s. Responsiveness in the midsole, lightweight throughout and superior support make this shoe the total package.