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Casual, Classic and Cool: adidas Sneakers for Women

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adidas has had a penchant for keeping it old school lately. Whether a contemporary or retro release, the trend signifies the popularity of their chic designs. Women can keep pace with adidas trends with the following models.

adidas Samoais a vintage model that rose to fame in the 1980’s. The timeless sneaker has found its way back to popularity. Known more for its style, the Samoa is as comfortable as stylish. The adidas Hardcourt Hi is influenced by the 80’s basketball but contemporary origins characterize this chic model. This high top is equipped for play on or off the hardwood. adidas Honey Stripesbest represents the essence of casual. This low top silhouette follows the retro trend but maintains a casual and modern prowess with perfect sweetness. Colorways and patterns make this shoe perfect for a evening at the coffee shop.