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Our Top Five Outdoor Trail Shoe Picks

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For the shoe connoisseurs out there, you can’t be limited to just sneakers in your footwear arsenal. All’s well when wearing basketball shoes to say, play basketball, but you need some go-to kicks when you decide to trek beyond the hardwood. Here are the top five outdoor trail shoes to consider making available at your disposal.

When hitting the trails, there’s bound to be some bumps along the way, but the Brooks Cascadia 7 is engineered prepared for what lies ahead. Possessing an asymmetric upper wrapping your foot for a snug fit, the Cascadia also has a built-in ballistic rock shield to provide toe protection. So, when you’re faced with traversing uncharted territory, this shoe is rugged and ready for the toughest terrain.

Contrary to the idea of protecting your feet from the terrain of the beaten path, the Nike Free Trail takes a minimalist approach with a sock-like fit. The goal behind this shoe is to help runners return to their barefoot roots, training your feet to provide their own control and support. A seamless upper gives you wraparound cushioning and comfort, with the Free™ technology outsole facilitating maximum flexibility.

Committed to comfort, support and durability, the Nike LunarFly+ Trail 3 is built from the ground up to respond throughout your run. It possesses an inner sleeve for wraparound support, while the breathable mesh upper is releasing any excess heat built up. With this shoe, you no longer have to choose between comfort and stability, it covers all the bases.

The outdoor trails are a stark contrast from the controlled environs of the indoor track. To be ready for the unexpected, you need a shoe that’ll hold up without holding you back. The Nike Flex Trail does just that and more, with a reinforced toe and heel installed for increased durability. What’s more amazing is how, despite the added features, it still manages to remain lightweight and snug for a personalized fit every time you lace them up.

As evidenced by it’s model name, the New Balance Minimus 2 sheds all the bells and whistles for a more minimalist approach, keeping the shoe extremely lightweight. Using a Vibram outsole, the Minimus is focused on encouraging natural foot position and foot-strike. Overall, the discarded weight makes for a true feeling of running without any shoes on.