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Unpleasant Shoe Moments – Making Good Shoe Choices

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In order to avoid an unpleasant shoe moment here are a few tips that may take you a long way.

1. Ask Questions – It never hurts to ask when you honestly don’t know what to wear to an event. Ask a friend or another invitee.

2. Look at those around you – If you don’t get a good answer or you are still lost then Look at the feet of the other people attending.

3. Read the invite, manual etc.  – If the occasion has an invite don’t just toss it, it might include valuable information.

4. Intuition – Many times intuition is disregarded, but you just might be right, go with your gut and wear what you think the event will require.

5. Always be prepared bring an alternative just in case – If all else fails carry an extra pair of shoes with you.