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The NBA Uniform: A Progression

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Before the introduction of the Adidas Revolution 30 uniform to the NBA in 2010, the NBA was not very strict when it came to the composition of team uniforms.  Adidas, now the official NBA sponsor, created a lightweight and moisture wicking uniform that has set a new standard in the NBA. From the birth of the NBA until the 70’s, uniforms were composed of satin, polyester, and cotton and it was not until the 80’s that the NBA gave way to a polyester and cotton blend.

Champion became the sole uniform provider until they were partly requisitioned by Nike and Starter who implemented their own technologies to improve design, comfort, and marketability of the popular NBA jerseys. By the 90’s the uniforms were lighter and more efficient at managing moisture. During the last decade before Adidas signed on, Reebok was the official outfitter of the NBA. They introduced moisture wicking technology, but it was not until 2006 that Adidas took over and later revolutionized the jersey in 2010, with the lightest Jersey ever.