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How to Fuel Up Before a Workout

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Hydrate. Eat Right. Workout.

Hydration is the most important pre-workout necessity. Be sure you are regularly refueling to make sure it is reaching the cellular levels, which decreases cramping and muscle fatigue during your workout.

Eat a piece of fruit or a light snack containing complex carbohydrates, such as fiber or whole wheat, before working out. You should also include a bit of protein, preferably a shake, with your pre-workout meal. As added fuel, you may want to take a pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before your workout starts. The supplement should be low in sugar and contain little to no artificial ingredients and additives.

Your mindset is the most important pre-workout fuel. Attack every workout as an opportunity to live a higher quality of  life. Your happiness depends heavily on staying healthy. Give yourself a pep talk prior to going to the gym, especially on those days you are not in the “workout mood”.