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Calf (Gastrocnemius) Stretch @FitWithMeShelby

As we train for the Diva Dash, it only makes sense to think about the empowerment of women. I can’t help but think of Michelle

Runnin’ of the Green is 9 days away. What does that mean? It’s almost time to get our race on! It also means it's
@FitWithMeShelby ©tyler vitello

As you know, Runnin’ of the Green is coming up to honor St. Patrick’s Day and raise awareness for Volunteers of America. We only have 2
Choice cardio FitwithMeShelby

Train for the RACE. LOVE your body. GAIN by giving back to the community. Runnin’ of the Green is coming up in just over a month! For

What's the best type of workout? It's the one that you get while you don't even realize you are working out! If you have