FinishLine » White Finish Line's Blog Fri, 19 Sep 2014 19:10:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 White on White Sneakers: Enthusiasts Share Their Favorites Part 2 Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:00:46 +0000 Yesterday we showed you stories from @RussBengtson, @FrankTheButcher and @n2tha0, and what White on White sneakers are significant to them. While the Nike Air Force 1, Reebok Classic and PUMA Roma are all indeed iconic in their own ways, today we have a handful of sneakers that are also timeless in their purest form.

adidas Superstar White on White

“The white on white adidas Superstar is a true classic and a staple shoe in my collection. My earliest memory of this sneaker was when I was 9 years old, at the time I was given one shoe for the entire year and I chose the white on white Shelltoes. It was clean, simple, yet versatile. They became my canvas; I had every color fat lace imaginable, never limited. I would transform the shoe with a checkerboard lace job every day to color coordinate my outfit. Today the shoe continues to help me push wardrobe boundaries. It is the perfect way to anchor an outfit with the spring and summer color palette. Not only is it a must have spring sneaker that will carry you through the end of summer but let¹s not forget the euphoric feeling of wearing a pair of deadstock all white sneakers.” – @revfresh2death, Los Angeles, CA via Dallas,TX. Find more from Rev on Instagram

Nike Cortez White on White

“I grew up with my grandma in a small town Oregon and funds for all the latest sneakers weren’t available to us because she was paying all the bills. Up to that point I was getting a lot of off brands and sneakers that really had no brand name to them. I remember seeing a lot of kids rock the latest Pumps and Jordans to school and I would mostly just rock kicks that had major wear on them. I remember really admiring all the other kids shoes, the aesthetics, the lines, and silhouettes. There was one model in particular that truly caught my eye. I dreamed of owning some Nike Cortez. I use to get cards in the mail from my cousins living in Los Angeles. The kicks they wore on the block with their cuffed Dickies or Ben Davis pants where these crisp Cortez. I loved the whole look and lifestyle they had, no one in my small town in Oregon had that look or ever wore a pair.

On my 12th birthday, I was given a huge surprise when my grandma came in with a present wrapped in red giftwrapping paper and big blue bow on it.  Looking at the size of the box it looked to me it was going to be a new pair of sneakers I can wear to school. Ripping off the first layer of paper I saw a giant Nike Swoosh. I was stunned my grandma paid for a pair of Nikes!” – @xMilesColtranex, Los Angeles, CA. Find more from Miles on his blog.

Air Jordan 1 White on White

Air Jordan 1, the sneaker that started it all. I probably own more Jordan 1s than any other signature model. Mids or highs, it doesn’t matter, I like them all. I also think they are the most versatile style wise, being able to dress up/down very easily. From Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy’s in the all whites, to Jason Sudeikis wearing them with a suit.

With Spring/Summer coming up and the weather getting better, it’s time to break out the white shoes again. It brings up a lot of debate when I mention this on Twitter, which shoe do you prefer, “White” Jordan [Insert Model] or “Black” Jordan [Insert Model]. Personally I always prefer clean white shoes over black ones. I would always pick “White/Cement” 3’s, “White/Cement” 4’s, “White/Infrared” 6’s, etc, over their respective counterparts. I would say 60-70% of my collection are white based shoes.” @J23App, Texas. Download his app at

adidas Superstar White on White Nike Cortez White on White Nike Cortez White on White Air Jordan 1 White on White adidas Superstar White on White Air Jordan 1 White on White Nike Cortez White on White Air Jordan 1 White on White adidas Superstar White on White Air Jordan 1 White on White adidas Superstar White on White Nike Cortez White on White

Grab your favorite “White in White” sneakers from

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White on White Sneakers: Enthusiasts Share Their Favorites Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:43:53 +0000 There is nothing more classic than a pair of White on White sneakers. While there will be a lot of people that instantly think of the Nike Air Force 1 Low when they hear the term White on White, it really depends on where you’re from and how you got into sneakers, that determines what the freshest White on Whites are. We reached out to sneaker enthusiasts across the United States to see what their favorite crispy white pair of kicks is and why. Check out what they had to say and what kicks they chose.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid White on White

“To be honest, I haven’t owned a pair of Air Force 1 Mids since the early 2000s, since I saw Jermaine O’Neal wear a yellow-on-white pair for the Pacers, and—being in Indy at the time to write a story on JO—went to the local mall to cop a pair. But white-on-white lows are everywhere now, and the years have allowed my “but they’re not original!” disdain for the Air Force 1 Mid to fade. Well, at least enough to wear a pair this summer. Because while white-on-whites are still a must for the warm months, sometimes it’s good to flip the script.” – @RussBengtson, New York, NYC. Find more from Russ on

 Reebok Classic White on White

“The all white Reebok Classic Leather was the default shoe in my neighborhood growing up. Yes – other sneakers might have been more popular during certain periods but the CL never went away. My neighborhood was filled with Puerto Rican’s and Dominican’s and this shoe was damn near the uniform. The cleaner the better. Every time I see a pair it brings me back to 1994 Chandler St School yard summer hand ball sessions. Awwww my youth.” – @FrankTheButcher, Boston, MA. Find more from Frank at

PUMA Roma White on White

“Unboxing a pair of new shoes is exciting to any sneaker enthusiast but when those shoes are white on whites, that excitement is slightly intensified. It’s the ultimate newness. Getting an all white pair of shoes in the spring time is almost mandatory too. It’s like pushing the reset button and starting fresh for a new season.

For me, PUMA and hip hop have always gone hand in hand. As an old Bboy, I can tell you that wearing the right shoes was important not only for comfort but also to insure that when you were dancing, you stuck out from the rest of the crowd. I wanted to make sure that everyone that saw me dance, would remember my footwork. With an all white pair of PUMAs they were sure not to forget me. And most importantly every Bboy had to have their fit right. The track jacket had to match the hat that matched the shoes. Everyone had their own brand back then and mine was PUMA. All white PUMAs matched with everything and always looked fresh. Even to this day,white on whites bring a crispy contrast against anything colorful I wear. To me, its a classic clean look that still has that Bboy aesthetic.

I adopted the same white on white philosophy as a teenager when I started skateboarding. I skated in white on white PUMAs. I felt like they took my style to the next level. As I skated them I liked seeing the wear and tear on them from the elements and before I knew it, it was time to cop a new pair and begin the cycle again. White PUMAs bridged that gap from hip hop influence to street skating culture in the mid 90s and I was right there to embrace it.

My white PUMAs have always meant a new beginning. A blank canvas that eventually would tell a story of where I’ve been. They are timeless and always a sure thing when finishing off any outfit.I know one thing for sure. Long after I can no longer dance or kickflip, I will still be able crack open a fresh box of white on white PUMAs, lace them up and look as crispy as I always have!” – @n2tha0, San Antonio, TX. Find more from Norm at

Nike Air Force 1 Mid White on White Nike Air Force 1 White/White Nike Air Force 1 White/White Reebok Classic White on White PUMA Roma White on White PUMA Roma White on White PUMA Roma White on White PUMA Roma White on White PUMA Roma White on White PUMA Roma White on White

Check back in later this week for more sneaker enthusiasts sharing their “White in White” stories.

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All-White Customized Wed, 01 May 2013 13:00:40 +0000 We’re pretty far removed from Labor Day, and with summer due to make an appearance as early as May, it’s prime time to break out those all-white kicks. Alright, we’ll admit, they’re more like all-off-whites after last summer, but now’s the best time to restock on a new pair. Given the all-white offerings from Reebok (Question Low), Nike (Air Force 1) and adidas (Hardcourt Hi), if you’re in the market for a refresher, you’re in good hands.

In addition to the “white for the summer” trend, the clean slate of these shoes is shaping up to be the perfect canvas for sneaker customizers to exercise their skills and creativity.

A stark-white base leaves the door open for not only a number of options when putting together the perfect summer outfit, but also leaves ample working space for customizers to explore all possibilities without restrictions.

With summer on its way, we’re reaching the nexus of perfection: perfect weather, perfect white kicks, and opportunity to perfect those shoes by customizing them to your preference.

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