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We are officially smack dab in the midst of spring, which means, if not already, then peak outdoor activity weather is on the horizon. It’s time to get your workout gear ready, and today, we feature the shoe that you won’t take off your feet all summer. Introducing the Under Armour Speedform Gemini.

Under Armour Speedform Gemini

The Gemini is packed with the technology that will keep your feet cozy while you perform at a high level. It all starts with the flexible mesh upper, giving you a two-for-one punch with the colors, alongside ultrasonic welded seams and a foam collar that provides stability and a comfy fit.

Under Armour Speedform Gemini

At the same time, with the Gemini, you get the benefits of Charged Foam running through the midsole, a 4D foam footbed, and flex grooves on the outsole. That means some added responsiveness, reduced slippage, and an all-around natural feel as you take on the adventures ahead.

Under Armour Speedform Gemini

With everything it offers, the Under Armour Speedform Gemini is just asking to be tested, be it on the track, on the sidewalk, or even on the beach. Our crew has put it to the test. Now, it’s your turn.

Pick up the Under Armour Speedform Gemini in Black/Red/White or other color options now at

Photos: Oscar Castillo via Modern Notoriety

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UA SpeedForm Apollo Vent & SpeedForm Gemini Get Taken for a Run Thu, 16 Apr 2015 16:58:36 +0000 Finish Line x Under Armour

Finish Line x Urban Street Runners x Under Armour gave runners from the LA area an opportunity to try out the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent and SpeedForm Gemini. By taking the new running shoes throught the busy streets of Santa Monica and testing them during a mini-training session, they were able to test them out and analyze how the runners fit, performed, and felt for different surfaces. Meet the testers and see what they had to say:

Meet the Runners:

Joe Spell - Under Armour

Joe Spell / @Jpell4 / @UrbanStreetRunners : Co-founder of Urban Street Runners. Currently plans local runs in the LA area and prefers to do a lot of sprints and speed training as well as weight training. Is getting ready to leave the country to play pro football in Finland.

Aaron Fiallos - Under Armour

Aaron Fiallos / @AaronFiallos@UrbanStreetRunners : Also co-founder of Urban Street Runners. Runs some long distance, and sprints. Enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and basketball.

Jacques Slade - Under Armour

Jacques Slade / @kustoo / : YouTube Expert with a special concentration in Sneakers. Director/Producer/Host of Finish Line’s Heat Check and Today in Sneaks.

Marlon Saunders - Under Armour

Marlon Saunders / @_marlonsaudners : Typically works out three times a week. The workouts include a 5-7 mile run, 100 push-ups, 150 crunches, and various stretches. Senior Pastor at Valencia Christian Center. Founder of M.S. Ministries.

Chris Baldorf - Under Armour

Chris Baldorf / @cbaldorf : Played football, baseball, basketball, and soccer competitively throughout his entire life. To train and stay active, Chris currently weight trains, hikes, mountain bikes, snowboards, and ride dirtbikes.

Ceora Beijer - Under Armour

Ceora Beijer / @missceorabee : Enjoys track and field, competed as a sprinter as a collegiate athlete, and stays active at the gym.

Scott Webb - Under Armour

Scott Webb / @webbracingdotcome / : Runner of numerous 10k and 5k races since high school. Started competing in duathlons, triathlon relays and cycling time trials in 2005 through 2010, and became an age-group podium finisher. Now Scott’s getting back into shape and running about 20 miles per week. He’s also been driving road racing cars every year since 1990.

Jake Fricke - Under Armour x Finish Line

Jake Fricke / @fricksolo : Enjoys sprint training as well as some ultimate frisbee and circuit training. Also likes to hike.

Shea Gipti - Finish Line x Under Armour

Shea Gipti : Practices martial arts, track and field, swim, trail running, and is an avid golfer.

Initial reactions of the UA SpeedForm Apollo Vent?

Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent

“Very easily to adapt too. They did not require being broken in or getting used to. I loved how they were extremely light and not irritating in any way.” - Marlon 

Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent

“Very cute and very lightweight.” - Ceora

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

“My initial reaction from the unboxing of the the shoes was basically ‘Wow these are dope, I gotta put them on!'” - Joe

Thoughts around the fit, performance, and style of the UA SpeedForm Apollo Vent?

“I love the flexibility of the shoe. The laces are short, so I don’t have to worry about them coming lose, retying, or tripping over them. They were very comfortable and lightweight. I appreciate the low cut around my ankle — it doesn’t cut into my skin while running or sprinting. I would definitely wear them, whether I was working out or with a casual outfit.” - Ceora

Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent

“They fit great — nice and snug. Almost like they were designed just for me. Great performance. They did not bother my run or hinder my ability to perform my regular workout routine in any way. Loved the style. These are definitely shoes that I would purchase on my own without any outside influence.” – Marlon 

Under Armour x Finish Line

“Once I put the Vents on, I immediately noticed how comfortable they were on foot! These kicks were true to size and held up the SpeedForm name. I had zero break in time with these, and they were perfect on the run. I won’t use these off road simply because they are designed to allow you to feel the surface your running on, so rocks and other obstructions would be hard felt and a no go in my opinion. That being said, I wouldn’t change the shoe still. The print on the Vents looks dope and draws your attention.” - Joe

Initial reactions of the UA SpeedForm Gemini?

“I thought they were light and had good cushioning (I like a plush ride), but the raised area in the forefoot concerned me at first. It also felt a bit different not having a separate molded insole. After putting in some miles, the raised area hasn’t been a problem and the cushioning it provides is nice.” - Scott 

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

“Very comfy, with great support.” - Shea 

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

“What I liked about the Gemini is that I didn’t have to tighten my shoes so tight to get a perfect fit. The performance of the shoe was outstanding because it had a significant amount of cushion. Having Planter Fasciitis, I could only run a couple miles in certain shoes without have any discomfort. The Geminis didn’t bother me at all. The style doesn’t go over the top … It’s one you can wear with anything.” - Aaron

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

Thoughts around the fit, performance, and style of the UA SpeedForm Gemini?

“Fit for the Gemini was really, really comfortable. I have a narrower foot and a medium arch and both were catered to with the Gemini.” - Jake 

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

“The cushioning has been great so far. As I get older, a plush ride has become more important. I have mild-to-medium pronation, but I haven’t felt a true motion-control shoe is necessary. The shoes feel light on my feet and there’s plenty of breathability through the upper. So far no ‘hot spots’ around the lace area, which can happen with some shoes.” - Scott 

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

“Fit was perfect true to size, shoes performed well during the run and active stretches, great cushion … Style is great for exercise and urban wear.” - Shea

Jacques Slades’s Under Armour Gemini/Apollo Wear Test and Review:

Would you recommend the UA SpeedForm Apollo Vent to a friend?

“Yes, I would these shoes would be very useful while working out in a gym. When you are lifting you don’t want something with a large heel to push you off balance. These shoes have worked well for me in the gym.” - Chris 

Under Armour SpeedForm Vent

“Most definitely!” - Ceora

Under Armour x Finish Line

“Absolutely.” – Jake

Would you recommend the UA SpeedForm Gemini to a friend?

“Yes 100 percent.” - Shea

Under Armour x Finish Line

“Absolutely! In fact, I already have … and they’re jealous.” – Marlon 

Overall thoughts around the event?

“Everything went perfect. The location was great.” - Aaron

Under Armour x Finish Line

“Before this even I wasn’t aware Under Armour was involved in running shoes, I thought they were more basketball shoes and apparel focused. This event was a good way to spread awareness of the company’s product.” - Chris

Finish Line x Under Armour

“Event ran perfectly. Set up and flow was great. ” - Jake 

Finish Line x Under Armour

“The event was awesome! The location, flow, set-up and overall strategic plan for testing the shoes was perfect. The location allowed us the opportunity to run on several different types of surfaces, which allowed us the opportunity to provide a well-rounded test and give well-rounded feedback.” – Marlon 

Finish Line x Under Armour

The UA SpeedForm Gemini and SpeedForm Apollo Vent are available now at

Photos: Ron Holden / @HoldenFocus

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What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day? – @MarcoHenry’s Ideas Thu, 16 Apr 2015 16:40:07 +0000 Mother’s Day is going to come up faster than you think. It’s alway good to get those wheels turning ahead of time so you’re not stuck the day of, running to the grocery store to seize the first things you see as a last-minute solution. To help prevent that, we asked the #FNLFamWhat to Get Mom for Mother’s Day? Below, sneakerhead, hiphop listener, sports enthusiast and Finish Line contributorMarco Henry Negrete gives you some ideas in what he’s getting for mom this year. 

Mother's Day - Marco Negrete

On his gifts for Mom, Marco says:

“My mom drove me around hunting for so many sneakers as a kid that she might as well be a sneakerhead too. These Nike Flex 2015s are a perfect pair for Mother’s Day because they have the look and comfort to be worn while exercising or casually … Continuing with the comfort and casual theme, I picked out this Under Armour Transit T-Shirt and pair of Perfect Pace Running Shorts from Under Armour. I think my mom will like the simple design, and of course, you can’t beat UA’s comfort and performance.”

Find these gift ideas and more at


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Air Jordan 1 “Hare”, Nike Free 3.0-5.0, “Metallic Silver” Air Jordan 5, Nike “Easter” Collection – Heat Check Fri, 03 Apr 2015 00:39:10 +0000 Jordan Brand celebrates 30 years with the “Hare” and “Lola” Jordan 1, Nike Basketball gets Kobe, Kyrie, KD, and LeBron in the Easter spirit, Under Armour brings the Away and Under Dog colorways of the Curry One to the court, plus Nike gets Free with Flyknit on the 3.0 and the 4.0. See all this and more on the latest episode of Heat Check with Jacques Slade.

Click the links below to head to





Previous Heat Checks:

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Under Armour Curry One “Underdog” and “Away” Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:23:59 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

It’s hard to imagine that an MVP candidate and floor general for the hottest team in the league was once considered an underdog. Yes, before becoming a regular on Sports Center highlight reels, Stephen Curry was an undersized high school baller without many colleges in line to offer him scholarships.

Despite growing up in North Carolina, powerhouse programs like Duke and UNC never called. This only served as fuel for Curry’s fire as he took his talents to Davidson.

This is a perfect time for Under Armour to release the “Underdog” colorway of the Curry One, considering we are right in the middle of March Madness. This is the same tournament that turned Curry from an underdog to the star of the tournament in 2008. He was pretty much un-guardable throughout the month of March 2008 and led his team on a historic run to the Elite 8.

That momentum would follow him all the way to the NBA draft where he was taken 7th overall by the Golden State Warriors. Speaking of historic runs, Stephen Curry is leading yet another team to the best season in its history.

This brings us to another fresh release of the Curry 1 in an “Away” colorway. He’s considered one of the best players in the league so people don’t dare call Curry an underdog, but that won’t stop him from playing like one.

Get the Under Armour Curry One on April 3rd at 8AM EST at

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Under Armour SpeedForms “Beg To Be Taken Out For Speed Work” Wed, 11 Mar 2015 21:39:52 +0000 Finish Line sent out the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent to fitness enthusiasts nation-wide to get some different perspective and thoughts around the new shoe. If you’re curious to get some in-depth looks, real opinions on what they’re best for, and new learnings around the technology, then check out what these guys and girls are saying, and be sure to check out each of their sites for more fitness knowledge.


JAHRONHOM of WearTesters

Instagram: @JAHRONMON

Brian Kelley PavementRunner

Instagram: @PavementRunner
Twitter: @PavementRunner

“The Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo felt extremely lightwieght from the moment I slipped them on. With it being made out of breathable material and having a minimalist style, they beg to be taken out for speed work.”

Click to view slideshow.

Andy Arnold / Fit Andy

Instagram: @FitAndy
Twitter: @FitAndyy

“My black/crystal SpeedForms remind me of my favorite flavored ice cream, mint chocolate chip! But on a more serious note, these shoes allow me to improve my running form. I am more conscious of where my foot is striking because of how lightweight they are. Not to mention, they are comfortable, breathable, and cute!”

Click to view slideshow.

Ashleigh Hinrichs of Asheejojo

Instagram: @Asheejojo
Twitter: @Asheejojo

Click to view slideshow.

“The Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo running shoe is so lightweight, you might even forget you’re wearing shoes! The new ArmourVent upper makes this shoe even more breathable, allowing for your feet to quickly dry on hot days and sweaty sessions. I find it’s the perfect performance shoe for neutral runners, ideal for any fast distance 5k or less.”

Aaron Fiallos of Urban Street Runners

Instagram: @AaronFiallos/@UrbanStreetRunners
Twitter: @AaronFiallos

“If you’re looking for a great pavement running shoe that’s light weight and appeals to the eye, these are for you.”

Click to view slideshow.

Joe Spell of Urban Street Runners

Instagram: @JSpell4/@UrbanStreetRunners

“The first time I slid the Under Armour SpeedForms on, they fit amazingly well. I didn’t even have to break them in. I like to do my speed training in them because they’re so light, but still provides great cushion. They also look dope. I literally would take a pair in every color way.”

Click to view slideshow.

Shelby Elmore of FitWithMeShelby

Instagram: @FitWithMeShelby
Twitter: @FitWithMeShelby

“Aesthetically I was in awe after unwrapping the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo. It looked good, felt light and I couldn’t wait to pop it on my foot and take them out for a spin. The Armor Vent material constructing the upper has the shoe feeling more like a supportive sock, ideal for a natural running stride as well as keeping stable while I’m lifting in the gym. I’ve come to think of my Speedforms as hassle free, I never have to be distracted by a moving tongue or waste time slipping the insole back inside after I take them off … During long days training clients, I’m on my feet for hours on end without breaks, but the support and comfort level stays on point keeping my feet happy and my mind focused. On my rest days, the sleek and slim silhouette makes it an easy everyday go-to for running errands or a casual happy hour. The black and crystal color way is perfect for the spring pastel pallets, but still modest enough to wear with pretty much everything. Teals go well with pink, so that’s typically what I throw into the outfit mix if I’m feeling a bit more playful! Add some black leggings or light wash jeans, and your style game is sure to be strong! I am crazy stoked on these sneakers and I’ve got a strong feeling you will too.”

Click to view slideshow.

Evann Clingan

Instagram: @EvannClingan
Twitter: @EvannClingan

“The SpeedForms fit like a breathable sock and have a featherweight cushioned sole. Their ultra-light construction and minimalist design are meant for speed. I’m hoping these cold, slushy days will soon be over, so I can take the SpeedForms from the sidewalk to the West Side Highway for some interval training.”

Click to view slideshow.

Rick Teves of WearTesters

Twitter: @RickTeves

“One of the most interesting facts about the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent is how it was designed at an UA apparel facility. By doing so, UA incorporated technologies that have made their lightweight apparel brand infamous, working a variety of the elements into the upper of this shoe, while keeping the weight down to 6.5 ounces (men’s size 9).” Read the full review.

Under Armour SpeedForm

Check out all of the colors of the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent available now, at

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Spring Warm Up Workout (BONUS: Tea-Tox Recipe) Fri, 06 Mar 2015 23:07:49 +0000 As the winter starts to clear and the weather warms up, the layers must come off. I’m not talking about just the clothing layers … How about that little layer or two of unwanted body fat put on over the last couple months during hibernation? Follow this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout inside or outdoors, and be back at your best in no time!


Do each move for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest period between each exercise. You’ll complete the circuit 5 total times, resting for 1 minute between each round.

Estimated time: 20 minutes


1. Jog or Sprint

Running with @FitWithMeShelby

Either on a treadmill or outside, sprint or jog. The faster your pace, the higher your heart rate will be, and you’ll burn more calories.

Tip: Take it one step further by running up stairs.

2. Push Ups

Push Ups with @FitWithMeShelby

A Start off in a high plank position, arms straight and hands below shoulders. B Bend at the elbows until there is about a fist’s distance between you and the floor. C If traditional push ups are too difficult, feel free to do this portion on your knees!

Tip: Progress the move by widening or shortening the distance between your hands.

3. Side Lunge

Side Lunge with @FitWithMeShelby

A Begin standing straight, hands linked in-front of you. B Step to the side, and sit into your heals until your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle over your toes. C Stand back up. D Step to the opposite side, and repeat the movement.

Tip: Take your sit a little deeper for added difficulty, just remember to keep all your weight in your heals to avoid tension in your lower back.

4. Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch with @FitWithMeShelby

A Lay on the ground, holding either a pole or heavy weight behind you. B Crunch your knees up toward your chin. C Engage your core, and shoot your feet upward until your legs are perpendicular with the floor, and then come back down to C, then to A.

5. Wall Sit

Wall Sit with @FitWithMeShelby

Practice this workout at least 3 times per week, and pair it up with my slimming Tea-Tox recipe for optimal results!



Tea-Tox Ingredients with @FitWithMeShelby

Detoxing your body is a quick and heathy way to shed a few pounds. Clean up your diet by removing processed foods and add in this simple Tea-Tox recipe I developed! Drink it in the morning and at lunch. It does contain caffeine, so keep that in mind when choosing how late to sip! 


  • Green tea bags
  • Ginger tea bags
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Fresh cucumber
  • Fresh Lemon

DIRECTIONS (for 1 cup):

1. Muddle 3 slices of cucumber and 2 mint leaves in a mug.Tea-Tox Muddle with @FitWithMeShelby

2. Add 1 green tea bag and 1 ginger tea bag, then add hot water and steep for 5 minutes.Tea-Tox Steep with @FitWithMeShelby

3. Remove solid ingredients, and finish with the squeeze of half a lemon. Tea-Tox Add Lemon with @FitWithMeShelby

4. Enjoy! 

I can already tell spring is going to be huge for pink, teal and print! Get ahead of the game by following these links for my get-up!


Music: Ananda Photos: Chandler Kim

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14-Day Butt and Core Spring Break Challenge Fri, 20 Feb 2015 16:52:30 +0000 Mid-terms are over, the air is getting warmer, and everyone is ready to let loose a little. That’s right, it’s Spring Break time! One week to forget your worries and dance in the sun with all your friends. Well, maybe you have one worry … Perhaps that little extra “fun layer” built up from the holidays that you just haven’t found the motivation to deal with yet? It’s all good, that’s where I come in! Below I designed a 14-day Butt and Core Spring Break Challenge to tighten and tone you up before your 7-day strut in your bikinis or trunks.

How It Works:

Each of the 14 days you will complete three rounds of all four moves. You do each move for as long as the time given on the chart below shows without stopping. It starts at 25 seconds per move, and you work your way up to 90. Stick with it, and you’ll be dying to show off the results. Good luck!


How To Do The Moves:

1. Plank Lift

Plank Lifts with @FitWithMeShelby

A Find yourself in a traditional forearms plank, body should be parallel to the ground. B Lift your right leg. C Lift your left leg.

2. Jump Squat

Jumping Squat with @FitWithMeShelby

A Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands in a fist out in front of you. B Jump straight up. C Land in a squat position, put weight in the heels and knees over toes.

3. V-Rotation

V-Rotation with @FitWithMeShelby

A Find yourself in a V-sit, engaging your core for balance, holding your hands in a fits in front of you, and touching your knees and feet together. B Rotate your arms to the right and your knees to the left. C Rotate back the opposite way, arms to the left and knees to the right.

4. High Knees

High Knees with @FitWithMeShelby

A Place both hands out in front of you bringing one knee to the corresponding hand. B Jump up, switching knees mid-air. C Land with the opposite knee touching the corresponding hand.

I am obsessing over this new print from Nike and my new SpeedForms from Under Armor. Click the links to follow the bright tropical trend!

Music: Ananda. Photos: Chandler Kim.

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Jordan 4 Oreo, UA Speedform Apollo Vent, Jordan Dub Zero and More – Heat Check Thu, 19 Feb 2015 23:40:30 +0000 The latest remastered Air Jordan 4 Retro is set to hit retailers this weekend, along with the Under Armour Speedform Apollo Vent for both men and women. Of course the Jordan Dub Zero in Classic Charcoal is dropping as well. See about all this and more on the latest episode of the Heat Check with Jacques Slade.

Click the links below to head to

Previous Heat Checks:

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Under Armour Releases Stephen Curry’s First Signature Shoe During NBA All Star Week Fri, 13 Feb 2015 20:42:04 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

2015 is a year of firsts for Golden State Warriors point guard, Stephen Curry. He’ll be getting his first start in the NBA All Star Game and maybe even his first championship. Okay, I won’t get carried away, but his team is definitely a favorite to win it all right now.

Another first for him is finally having his own signature shoe. He was on Nike’s roster at the beginning of his career then made the somewhat surprising move to Under Armour a few years ago. At the time it didn’t seem like a big deal because he wasn’t on the brink of superstar status yet, and Under Armour’s basketball business was still very small.

Looking back at it now, both Curry and Under Armour knew what they were doing when they inked that deal and started that partnership. In just a few years he’s transformed into an MVP candidate and the best shooter in the game.

On top of that, he is now the face of the brand instead of just being another guy on the roster. Great move for both sides I’d say.

Under Armour took the perfect moment to release the Curry One, All Star Weekend.

Get the Under Armour Curry 1 now at

Photos: @ludlowphotopro

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